Lemonade Maker®
Lemonade Maker®

LEMONADE MAKER: Education & Community for Entrepreneurs

Turn your BIGGEST challenges into your GREATEST successes with Lemonade Maker strategies!

What You'll Find Inside

Lemonade University™

Fine-tune your business aptitude through our Lemonade Maker Entrepreneur Education Experiencefeaturing expert-led interactive online courses, workshops, and seminars for entrepreneurs, tackling hot topics such as marketing, innovation, sales, and leadership. Connect inside for a deeper dive into the genius behind our 101 Lemonology Strategies for Success and begin your advanced study of how to turn bitter chaos into sweet, sweet, cash!

Lemon Made™ Think Tanks

Lemonade Maker™ private, invite-only CEO think tank groups connect you to our community of business leaders and fellow entrepreneurs. You'll experience our proprietary think tank method complete with thought-provoking conversation, group problem-solving discussions, and expert guided content.

Lemonology™ [lem-uhn-ol-uh-jee]

The study of turning bitter chaos into sweet, sweet, cash. Connect inside for a deeper dive into the genius behind our 101 Lemonology Strategies for Success.

Lemonade Maker Book Companion

Get access to the Lemonade Maker Book Companion, packed full of helpful bonus content, exclusive publications, helpful downloads, and informative videos.

Lemonade Maker Soundtrack

Ready to groove? Join today to download the Official Soundtrack to the Hit Business Book, Lemonade Maker playlist!

Lemonade Maker: The Book

The Entrepreneur's Guide to Overcoming the Impossible

Featuring 101 Proven Strategies for Success that will…

  • Show you how to conquer internal struggles, such as fear of failure, self-doubt, or lack of proper business education that hold you back from reaching your true potential.
  • Challenge you to disrupt the status quo, break free from worn paths of accepted success, and forever set your company apart from the crowd.
  • Demonstrate how the most impactful innovations come from the continuous incremental improvement of your own existing systems.
  • Prepare you to survive and thrive in times of chaos and crisis when life rattles you to your core and brings you to the edge of disaster.
  • Teach you how to build a remarkable company by not just solving problems, but by looking at problems for what they truly are - an opportunity to create something amazing!

Pick up your copy today at https://minieri.com, on Amazon, Barnes & Noble or wherever books are sold!

About the Author


American Entrepreneur, Artist, Innovator

Thomas Minieri ventured into the crazy world of entrepreneurship in his mid-twenties with only thirty dollars to his name. Fast-forward ten years and his company surpassed twelve-million-dollars in revenue, spanned six states with sixteen locations, and employed over fifty professionals. After a seven-figure exit strategy, he took time off to recharge, then set out to help other entrepreneurs find success through his business education brand, Lemonade Maker!

Thomas is a long-standing member of the Young Entrepreneur Council, a Forbes contributing author, and has been featured in Business 2 Community, Inc, Mashable, Readwrite, and BuiltIn.